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Penny Roberts
03 54270795
PO Box 314
Woodend 3442

Indigenous Plant Suppliers in the Newham area

Your Landcare Group

In the past Newham Landcare placed an order each year with TreeProject for volunteer-grown, locally provenanced tubestock - which were made available to members at 40c, the cost of materials.

In 2013, surplus stock grown by a few individuals and the Newham parents propagating group will be made available to members at 50c per tube.

A notice will go out in Autumn and Spring indicating what species are available.
Species available varies, but generally includes most of the tree species and a number of under-storey and ground level plants that are local to this area.

  • Our Landcare group will sell recycled plastic wrappers and hardwood stakes [in good condition] at 10c per item.

  • Folding wire frames are available through the group at $1.70 each - these are easy to use, hold wrappers tight and will last for multiple uses. [they are at least $4.50 from other suppliers]. Contact Penny 5427 0795

  • If you want to learn how to grow your own:

    1. Volunteer to be a TreeProject grower. They provide a training session and you receive a kit with tubes, potting mix, seed and comprehensive instructions. If you are interested, TreeProject has a web page or ring 9650 9477.

    2. Join the Newham Primary [parents & friends] Propagating group. Supported by the Landcare group [expertise, materials and a meeting place] this group has, since 2010, been growing to order for Melbourne Water as a fund-raiser for the school.
    It meets on Thursday mornings during school terms 1 and 4. Contact Penny: 5427 0795.

    Commercial growers:

    Small scale growers all prefer to grow to order but are likely to have a range of plant species available to the casual purchaser.

    Acres Wild Robin Baker
    42 Anslow St., Woodend
    5427 2788

    Western Plains Flora Ian Taylor
    628 Wildwood Rd, Wildwood
    03 9740 3178
    Retail outlet is not open all year - check before you - but prefers a phone call. Email only to confirm your order
    Melways ref. 383 K2

    Note: as a service to his customers, Ian Taylor has arranged manufacture of unbranded 160 micron plastic wrappers [ie heavy duty] at a cost below the price we can obtain from the other 2 major suppliers even, with a bulk order.

    Larger scale growers based in Bendigo or Sunbury do not usually use seed local to Newham area but are able to produce large quantities to order and will use local seed if available or supplied by you. If you want local seed ring Penny Roberts on 5427 0795 - small quantities may be immediately available or assistance can be given with sourcing local seed.

    Goldfields Revegetation Native Nursery 230 Tannery Lane, Mandurang Vic (10 mins from Bendigo)
    03 5439 5384