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Rural Roadsides

The small amount of roadside remnant remaining from historical clearing for agriculture and settlement is a treasure trove of threatened plant communities and species, and often part of vital biolinks (see for example the Campaspe - Maribyrnong Headwaters Biolink project) N&DLG is involved in.

These remnants are being progressively lost by all the activities of disturbance eg road and drainage works and dumping of spoils, trenching for cables and pipes, repeated slashing and mowing, removal of understorey and ground litter habitat, introduction of weeds or monoculture species like Cypress etc - all outlined in documents listed below.

To appropriately manage the issues of road safety, fire control and biodiversity, it is vital that roads with remnant, diverse native vegetation are recognised, assessed, mapped and management plans formulated to protect them.

Ask yourself whether you value such roadsides, or even think about them, and whether it is worth preserving one of the distinguishing features of the beautiful area we live in.

NDLG's Roadside Management Group (aka "the Weedies") since 2006 has actively mapped levels of weed infestation for the Council database, run workshops and talks, organised cut and paint sessions on roadside weeds, and lobbied Council on issues to do with roadside vegetation management. They meet bi-monthly, contact is convenor Sue Massie

On June 29 2016 Federal MHR Lisa Chesters and State MLA Mary-Anne Thomas visited Newham to view some of our very special road reserves and heard our concerns about their preservation. Following a guided drive they met Landcare members from districts in the Macedon Ranges at the Newham Hall for discussion, questions and viewing a display of maps and posters. See the report in Macedon Ranges Guardian, 6 Feb 2016

Macedon Ranges Shire Council is preparing a Roadsides Management Plan during 2016-17, and NDLG is having continuing input. More details on the Shire's Fact Sheet

NDLG's submissions to the RMP include:

- a report commissioned and paid for by NDLG titled Flora Assessment of High Value Roadside Reserves in Newham, Victoria, by Karl Just, ecological consultant, January 2016. CLICK HERE for a PDF (4.39mb).

- a tour organised by us in November 2016 with the Council's Operations Department to discuss damage caused by roadworks and how practices may be improved,

- a further report commissioned from Karl Just titled Damaging Activities Threatening Significant Roadside Vegetation at Newham, Victoria, December 2016. CLICK HERE for a PDF (1.41mb).

On June 15 2017 Alice Aid and Helen Scott presented to a Landcare Professionals Forum of Victorian district co-ordinators on the topic "Getting Local Government to lift its game in managing roadsides". "After noting damaged roadside vegetation in its Macedon to Cobaw biolink, Newham and District Landcare set out to get Council to lift its game. An up-date on their approach, the results they are getting, and recent learning."

As a result Alice and Helen were asked to present again, to Riddells Creek AGM on 13 August, on "Can we save or rural roadsides? Lessons from the Newham Landcare Experience".

This topic was presented as a poster on display (sized A3) at North Central Regional Landcare Forum, 6-8 October 2017.

More to come with photos, projects...


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Submission to Macedon Ranges Shire Council 2015 for a Roadsides Management Plan, by Alice Aird and Helen Scott. Copy of submission
and attachment - Aird handout to Councillors 1 April 2015, "Rural roadsides in the Macedon Ranges: death by a thousand cuts". Copy of handout PDF 3.9MB


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Invitation to talk on Roadsides "Conserving shared treasure", 24 July 2015