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Campaspe - Maribyrnong Headwaters Biolink

Landowners within our area may contribute to the creation of a significant 'corridor' of native vegetation between Mount Macedon to the South and the Cobaw Ranges to the North. This is a long term plan with broad community benefits. It will ultimately link up with similar 'nature links' within Victoria and, through them, to the Great Eastern Biolink which extends all the way up the Great Dividing Range to Queensland.

Our district lies in the watershed catchment area of the Campaspe and Maribyrnong rivers and contains a number of areas of significant remnant vegetation (eg. Hanging Rock Reserve, the Jim Jim, some roadsides and along Monument Creek).

The Landcare group can assist landowners with advice on a range of subjects, including native vegetation, pest management, project development and grants available. To date 25 properties have received funding for works as part of this project, through ten separate funding applications. Works have included fencing (to protect remnant bush or allow regeneration or revegetation), weed control, revegetation costs (plants & tree guards or direct seeding) and pest animal management.

Within the broad area of the Biolink funded projects have focused on particular areas of the catchment or on its waterways, with adjoining landowners working together to increase the value of the environmental works undertaken.

Melbourne Water provides funding for rehabilitation of waterways to individual landowners through its Stream Frontage Program.

Progressively, patches of remnant vegetation will be 'buffered' and linked to others, until a continuum is achieved. A 'critical mass' of native vegetation will provide habitat for native animals and allow them to safely move across the landscape.

If you are interested in undertaking works on your land, express your interest early.

Communities for Nature have awarded $157,000 to Newham & District Landcare Group. This will progress the biolink. (Media release 28 Jan 2014 PDF) More here on the 'Campaspe-Maribyrnong Headwaters Biolink' project

In July 2018 we received a $50,000 Biodiversity On-Ground Action grant from the Victorian Government. This will build on works undertaken by N&DLG over the past 12 years to develop the Campaspe-Maribyrnong Headwaters Biolink, known in the Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme as the Cobaw Biolink. The grant will enable eight landowners to receive funding support for revegetation and fencing to exclude stock; gorse control to be undertaken at Twin Bridges Bushland Reserve on Monument Creek; and the purchase of more nesting boxes for Brush-tailed Phascogales, a pole camera for monitoring nest boxes, and a motion-sensor camera for use by members to record wildlife on their property.

Newham Deep Creek Project

This was the first project started by the group; it aims to rehabilitate the riparian zone along the 'Deep Creek' at Newham. The Landcare group consulted with Melbourne Water and hosted a meeting for interested landowners. Five properties received funds through a 2nd generation Landcare grant.

Melbourne water upgraded the priority of works in this section of waterway due to the high level of interest shown by landowners and funds were made available for engineering works. Many landowners joined the Melbourne Water Stream Frontage Management Program and received additional funds towards the work they were undertaking.

Pest Animal Eradication Project

Targeting rabbits and foxes, this project started in early 2007. The district was divided into a number of areas, each to have their own co-ordinating group. A pilot project was undertaken in 2009, funded by Envirofund and covering 600 acres.

This proved successful, but extension to other areas will depend on the willingness of someone in each area to act as co-ordinator. Advice, a model action plan and assistance with grant applications are all available.

North Central Chat for February 2015 has a good article called Rabbit Buster Feature on the latest developments, plus resources and apps.

Sue Barker in June 2018 volunteered for the Pest Animal Coordinator role for N&DLG, following the departure of John Lucock. Sue will work on enabling members to prepare pest animal management plans for their properties and cordinate community responses to pest animals. She can be contacted by phone - 5427 0805

Patersons Curse Eradication Project

This was an early focus due to the presence of a number of outbreaks in the Newham area. The assistance of the walking group (as spotters), the DSE (in contacting some landowners) and funding bodies (NCCMA and Envirofund) and Landcare volunteers (to assist landowners in managing this weed on their land where needed) has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the area affected.

Constant vigilance and early action will be necessary to prevent a resurgence of this weed. Be aware that the area that was central to the main outbreak was the top of the Jim Jim and that Patersons Curse is still present there and isolated plants appear each year on the surrounding properties.