Contact Details

Penny Roberts
03 5427 0795
PO Box 314
Woodend 3442

Specialist Groups

  Friends of Newham Primary School

  • assists with the schools' environmental program, eg Waterwatch (Jenny Waugh continues to lead the testing and analysis program)
  • provides annual funding for activities within the environmental program
  • arranges and funds additional activities for the school, eg in 2012 Wild Action Zoo; Geoff Williams from the Platypus Conservancy, and Deborah Tabart from the Koala Foundation visited the school, on an ad hoc basis
  • through the propagation group, provides indigenous plants for landscaping of the school grounds and assists with fund-raising.

 Roadside Management Group

  • maps the Newham area for roadside weeds, and loads the data into the Macedon Shire database
  • working bees to cut and paint weeds
  • demonstration stretches of roadside have been sprayed with herbicide and these will be planted with native vegetation at a later date, when weed control has been deemed adequate
  • information and education sessions eg indigenous propogation, visiting speakers. See for example Spring/Summer 2015 Newsletter article on "Rural Roadsides - a summary for 2015"; Summer 2013 Newsletter article "The Weedies - NDLG's Roadside Management Group" p3-5

The group meets bi-monthly, contact is convenor Sue Massie

See new page for RURAL ROADSIDES - protecting precious remnants

 Seed collection/ seed bank / propagation Group

  • promotes the use of the indigenous native plants
  • provides skills for propagation and seed collection to all interested members
  • will establish a seed bank
  • meets weekly during school terms [weather permitting], with parents of Newham Primary school, to grow plants ordered by Melbourne Water
  • grows indigenous plants for distribution to members at cost of materials.
  • See the List of local plants

 Wesley Park Interest Group

  • works with Newham Garden group to improve the Park
  • will establish and maintain display areas of indigenous native plants within the park.

Fox and Rabbit Eradication Group

  • undertook a multi-faceted pest animal eradication project based on the successful Mount William program
  • can provide advice and support for any group of landowners wishing to undertake co-ordinated action against pest animals.