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Penny Roberts
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Diary of events in 2015:

December - Saturday 5th

Christmas BBQ and games (annual event)

Live background music, door prizes, gingerbread biscuit decorating for children plus the usual Wellie toss, Egg toss, great food and company. BYO drinks and salad or dessert for the shared table. BBQ items provided by Landcare (veggie / meat options)

At Wesley park, Newham Mechanics Institute from 6pm

See flier and pictures in NDLG Newsletter no.45

October - Sunday 11th

Hanging Rock Planting

Join Newham & District Landcare and Friends of Hanging Rock for a planting session on the banks of the creek and around the lagoon at Hanging Rock. This will be easy planting - the ground is soft, not all species will need to be guarded, and some holes will be pre-drilled whilst others will be made on the day. The majority of plants put in will be 'clumpers', whose role is to stabilise the banks rapidly - their roots penetrate 0.5-1 metre deep. The remaining plants, shrubs and small trees will grow more slowly but eventually have roots that go deeper and give a stronger 'binding' capacity.

Meet east of the entry drive, at the creek. All volunteers can exit free

9.30am - 12.30pm followed by a free BBQ lunch

RSVP Penny Roberts by email or SMS 0418 396 837, with special dietary requirements

August - Friday 7th

Annual General Meeting

Guest speaker Gerry Gill. Gerry Gill is an anthropologist and film maker who has made the regional landscape the focus of his research and films. He is interested in the layers of stories that are as much a part of the landscape as the rocks, hills and creeks. Gerry will discuss the Aboriginal occupation of the area north of Terrawait (Mt Macedon), what the landscape looked like when Europeans first saw it and the conflicts between invading Europeans and Aborigines on the pastoral frontier.

Newham Mechanics Institute. 7pm for 7.30. Speaker at 7.45. Supper to follow

See poster

RSVP Penny Roberts by email or tel.0418 396 837

Copy of Gerry's presentation "Aboriginal Landscapes of the Anneyelong, Terawait & Jim Jim district". PDF file of 73 pages, 9.4MB

July - Friday 24th

Rural Roadsides - "Conserving shared treasure"

Many of our Shire's rural roadsides are important remnants of rare plant communities and habitat for many animal species. Their biodiversity and beauty are constantly under threat of damage or destruction. What can residents do on our own roadsides to assist conservation. Two speakers will address the issues - Michelle Patrick from Macedon Ranges Shire Council and Dr Steve Krstic

Newham Mechanics Institute, 7pm for a 7.30 start, supper to follow.

See poster

RSVP Helen Scott by email or tel.0418 396 837

See Article in Autumn/Winter 2015 Newsletter

May - Sunday 10th

Hanging Rock Reserve - planting / maintenance / review of works done in Spring 2014

We will be returning to the area planted in 2014 - to do some additional planting and maintenance tasks, and to review the exclusion areas (and discuss revegetation vs regeneration : when and why do we step in and take over from nature)

'Maintenance tasks?' you ask. Not as pleasurable as planting, perhaps, but just as satisfying if we imagine how these tasks will become unnecessary as the native plants grow and out-compete the weeds. (Hand-weeding around plants, dealing with weed seedlings by hand pulling or cut & paint techniques). Broom, Blackberry, Hawthorn, Holly and Laurel seedlings are likely to continue to appear for several years, but in rapidly diminishing numbers as contractors removed many of the large Holly, Hawthorn and Laurel trees from the reserve earlier this year. The planting target will be 600 under-storey or ground layer plants - these will be along the creek, as regeneration is occurring within the two herbivore exclusion fences.

Hanging Rock Reserve - 9am, lunch provided

April - Friday 17th

"SOILS - Natural. Productive. Sustainable?"

Understanding the "soil food web", presented by Jim Sansom

Newham Mechanics Institute, 7pm for a 7.30 start, supper to follow.

RSVP Penny Roberts by email or tel.5427 0795

March - Friday 27th

"Lessons from Victoria's grassy ecosystems" Understanding environmental history - the key to a sustainable future

Presented by Paul Foreman. Paul argues that only by developing a deeper understanding of how our landscapes work - in terms of diversity, function and history of change - can we be fully prepared for the future. And given recent shifts in government policy, local communities should seize the opportunity to be better prepared to lead the push to restore and protect their environment. Paul draws on examples from his consulting and research work in lowland grassy ecosystems, including important new understandings from the historical record.

Paul Foreman is a highly regarded and skilled field botanist and ecologist with over 23 years of experience in land management and nature conservation across a range of sectors and in a range of technical, strategic and management roles throughout Victoria and many other parts of Australia.

See for more information on his experience, skills and services.

Newham Mechanics Institute, 7 for 7.30. Supper to follow

See poster

RSVP Penny Roberts by email or tel.5427 0795

March - Sunday 2nd

Clean Up Australia Day

Nick Massie has established a Clean Up site for Newham.

To register, go to Clean up Australia Day/Newham, > "click the "Join this Site" button on the right.

Meet at Wesley Park, Newham

February - Friday 28th

BBQ on the Hill

For new and old Newham Landcare members.

Family friendly - blow-up pool/tower/water slide for littlies if the weather is hot, pr screening a movie for the children if it's not (please make suggestions!)
BYO chair, drinks and something for the shared table.
BBQ options provided by Landcare

159 Dons Rd, 5.30pm onwards

RSVP to Penny Roberts by Thursday February 26th by email or tel.5427 0795.

General events information:

Events fall broadly into three categories, but there is considerable overlap..


Two major events in the annual calendar are the themed Winter dinner and the end-of-year BBQ. All events are sociable and fun!


Each year we aim to have at least three primarily informative events, with topics raised by members or driven by the interests of the organizing group.


  • two 'official' planting sessions per year, in Spring and Autumn, which we encourage all members to attend. These always include lunch, provided by the Landcare group, or the host landowner when undertaken on private land.
  • other sessions, on public land, may be organized on an ad hoc basis.
Initially the focus was on Newham Primary school, with planting and maintenance along the creek zone followed by morning tea at the Newham Store.

Follow-up sessions for additional planting and weed management are now scheduled to coincide with the school parent working bees and we join them for lunch.

Wesley Park was the next public land focus: Newham Garden group and Newham Landcare have joined forces to enhance this community asset. Preparation of a plan and the initial planting of indigenous natives was undertaken with financial assistance from Macdon Ranges Shire Council. Maintenance and additional planting will be undertaken in 2013, funded by the Landcare group.

In 2012 Hanging Rock Reserve became the focus for our two 'official' planting days. Removal of woody weeds along the creek was undertaken by a contractor and volunteers then planted 1200 indigenous native under-storey plants, funded by a grant obtained by the Landcare group. The plan for 2013 is to extend the area further West along the creek, planting another 1200 under-storey plants over two mornings.

If you enjoy our planting days, there are plenty of other opportunities - members may call for assistance with revegetation works on their property. You can expect these 'member plantings' to involve two hours of activity, followed by almost as long over lunch! Working as a group on each others properties is a most enjoyable way to get things done.
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