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Penny Roberts
03 54270795
PO Box 314
Woodend 3442

Advantages of membership:

1. Discount at Elders, Kyneton

2. Equipment available for loan:

  • GPS unit,
  • seed separator / sieve set,
  • 15 L back-pack spray units,
  • Hamilton planters,
  • weed wands and
  • long-handled ratchet loppers.

No charge unless we have to chase you for return, in which case a fee of $10 applies!

3. Equipment available for hire:

  • 600L spray trailertrailer [$50 charge for 1st day, $25 for additional days]
  • Stihl auger [$25 per day, $15 per half day] - short training session required prior to use.

4. Indigenous native tubestock at cost of meterials [50c]. [Lead time may be up to one year]

5. Assistance with planting days - organization and tools, volunteers [local or corporate]

6. Assistance obtaining funding support for works that:

  • protect remnant vegetation,
  • link areas of remnant vegetation [with local native species]
  • protect and rehabilitate waterways,
  • expand on existing remnant vegetation and
  • pest animal and plant control.

7. Lots of learning opportunities - if you have a specific interest, let us know.

8. Special interest groups

9. Access to library resources. See Contents list (Word doc)

10. Quarterly Newham newsletter, in addition to Victorian Landcare magazine.

11. Great social activities, practical events and specialist talks. Check out the Events page.

The membership benefits listed above are those to you as an individual - consider as well the benefits to the community of Newham and district through the involvement of the group in local activities.

We all benefit by the changes in the landscape around us that have been happening on private land - in many, many ways. Water quality, biodiversity, carbon sequestration ... as well as visual amenity and property value.

The scale of this change is significantly influenced by access to cheap plants and groups of corporate (or Landcare member) volunteers that are made possible by the Landcare group.

For 28 of our member households this has also been through funding support made possible by Government grants accessed and administered on a voluntary basis by group members. Administrative component $$ in these grants have given the group the financial means to support the various projects in the community and Newham Primary school.

Funding has also been obtained for on-ground works at Hanging Rock Reserve and Newham Primary school and for activities that enhance the learning experience of the children, eg Wild Action Zoo presentations in 2012.

Educational activities at the Newham Primary school will continue - in the past we have provided resources [texts, posters, science equipment], monthly Waterwatch activities (courtesy of Jenny Waugh) and funding for 'incursions'.

The group has guaranteed the school a 6 year cycle of funding to support activities that have an environmental focus(a minimum of $1000 per year but for 2013 and 2014 the figure is over $2000pa)

We have also been responsible for the revegetation on the creek line south-west of the school and will continue to maintain and extend this area.

Our support of the propagating group has generated almost $40,000 for the school landscaping - which benefits the whole community as they can use the space after hours and on weekends.

We can all see evidence of roadside weed control activities by MRSC contractors - these follow mapping and database entry of data by members of the Roadside Group (led by Sue Massie). This group is progressively working its way around our area.

Your continued membership is an indication of your support for what we do, and the size of our membership base helps when applying for grants.

If you wish to be involved in any particular way or have suggestions for activities or speaker events, please contact a member of the committee.